The first EdTech Israel conference took place at the Google-Campus Tel-Aviv, Jan. 8th.???? ???
138 people registered to the event, representing 44 EdTech companies and startups.
“I congratulate you for the vision and determination to bring Israeli EdTech sectors to new heights” said MK Yaakov Peri, former Israel?s Minister for Science, Technology and Space. “There is no logical reason why the Israeli Edtech sector was left behind. It is now the time to turn this around, and I hope that this event will mark the beginning f this change”.
Mr. Jake Vago, from EdTech Europe, joined via Skype and offered key insights into the European EdTech market.
Ms. Zika Abzuk, Cisco, presented the key challenges in Israeli education that need to be addressed, and how educational technologies can transform Israel?s public education.

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Dr. Yaki Dayan presented three innovative models that disrupt education. The online University of the People, the Dutch “Steve Jobs Schools”, and the young motivational speaker, founder of the US iSchool Initiative.???? ??????