Israel Education Summit 2019

4-5 June 2019 | Tel Aviv | Save the Date!

Mark your calendars!

The Israeli Education Summit, established 2016, is Israel’s ONLY cross-border, cross sector industry business event.

IES already has been recognized by the global EdTech community. Tel Aviv received ranking being #9 in the global landscape published by Navitas Ventures, and the first week of June is where the global community interacts with the Israeli Education sector.

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Global Markets

The plural of focus is lack of focus. Edtech companies think they can play in K12, in HigherEd, and in Lifelong learning. That they can be both B2C and B2B. There is no successful startup in the past 100 years that have been any two of those. You are a K12-B2C, you are a HigherEd B2B.

Whatever you are, be that and do it really well. And if you need to pivot, its ok. The track record of anybody trying to be more than that, more than one box in that matrix, is awful.

John Katzman

Serial Education Entrepreneur, Founder of the Noodle Companies

Our goal is to stimulate and build the ecosystem. To provoke the audience to think about it in its broader terms, as the human capital from cradle to grave, wherever this human capital resides.

Joshua Schwartz

Founder & Managing Partner, East Wind Advisors, Co-organizer, Israel EdTech Summit

A nation is facing three major challenges: Economy, Security, and Social gaps.
We use technology to advance our Economy, Security, Standard of living.
It is about time we start using technology so that are kids can compete in the world 25 years from now.

Mooly (Shmuel) Eden

Former Senior V.P, Intel Corp. , President, Intel Israel

The global education market is set to reach at least $10T by 2030 as population growth in developing markets fuels a massive expansion and technology drives unprecedented re-skilling and up-skilling in developed economies.

Patrick Brothers

Co-Founder & Managing Director, HolonIQ Global Education Intelligence

Thought Leadership

We need more edtech, we need more innovations. Don’t expect ministries, governments, authorities anywhere in the world to do the job for us. We need the free spirit of entrepreneurship to lead the way in this revolution that has to happen.

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg

Head of 2012 Committee for Social and Economic Change

It is not the knowledge that is most important. We require a system that is educating for passion and curiosity.

It is not the responsibility of governments to operate the education system. Government should not operate education. They should leave it to the people with the ability and willingness to compete with the system, create a status and make a difference.

Prof. Daniel Zajfman

President, Weizmann Institute of Science

Very little attention is given to the conditions of our students and the optimal conditions to deploy educational technologies. Kids that are hungry, or do not have the money to buy a bus ticket, do not have the readiness to learn. This is the responsibility of the society, and you – edtech entrepreneurs – it is your egoistic interest if you want your product to succeed pay attention to the conditions of all students.

Yossi Vardi

Co-Founder, DLD , Chairman, DLD Israel

People call it ?21st century skills?. As if we didn?t need those skills before. Those skills are not new… and our education system is not built to provide it.

Why are we Startup Nation? It is the secret sauce that is outside our education system.

Saul Singer

Writer, Co-author, "Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle"

Cross Border Collaboration

Scott Cai

Scott Cai

Chief Investment Officer, TAL Education Group, China

Dr. Anju Kumar | Ratnesh Jha

Dr. Anju Kumar | Ratnesh Jha

Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India | Managing Director, Cambridge University Press

Winnie Xie

Winnie Xie

Strategic Development & Investment, TAL Education Group, China

Daisuke Asano | Norihisa Wada

Daisuke Asano | Norihisa Wada

Director, Education Service Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Government of Japan | Executive Vice President & CMO, EduLab

Industry Experts