Trainica was founded to solve a burning need in the sales training market ? The lack of computerized tools for practicing the communication skills that stand in the core of every sales process.


Tonara is orchestrating dramatic advances in the way people learn, perform, teach and control music ? all by harnessing the power of proprietary technology that can follow both live and recorded music note for note.


tutome?-?One hour, 10$ micro-workshops in your neighborhood. “”How to build a bar stool in an hour? instead of ?woodwork class?. The simple, commitment-free offering enables participants to focus only on what they want to learn & get online prices for...

PlaySight Interactive

PlaySight Interactive Ltd. is a pioneer in the emerging market of affordable, consumer sports analytics systems. The PlaySight? Smart Court, which has been designed and priced for tennis clubs across the world, is based on concepts used to train fighter pilots in the...


ImagineNation? is an innovative Israeli Start-Up company ? we teach from what we have experienced and learnt ?by doing? > What is innovation? > What is provocative competence and why does it matter? > Why are we different? > What do we enable you to...