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Come and meet Israeli EdTech innovation?at the Frankfurt Book Fair!

EdTech Israel is working with most of the 120 startups and companies of the Israeli educational technologies sector.
We help to leverage synergies and aggregate critical mass of the sector. We do it by serving as the primary hub that connects Israeli EdTech to international markets, investments, integrators, and business partners.

Israeli EdTech Innovation Delegations

We organize delegations of selected innovative Israeli EdTech solutions to cities around the globe. On 2016 we will visit Brazil, Australia, and India. We are open to consider additional locations with the right local business partners

Your Entry Point to Israel?s EdTech Innovation

If you are looking for business opportunities in the Israeli EdTech sector ?products, enabling technologies, acquisitions, or investments, talk to us. We offer a trusted scouting service assisting you to locate and to do business with the right partners. Our position allows us a unique industry wide perspective, unbiased approach, and expert knowledge of the Israeli EdTech community.

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Dr. Yaki Dayan,

Founder, EdTech Israel


Dates:?14-18 Oct, 2015

Location:?Hall 4.2 stand C^$

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Frankfurt Book Fair

Featured Companies


At Radix, our mission is to make mobile device fleets in more effective, secure and manageable. In education, this maximizes the pedagogic and operational effectivity of the mobile device learning platform.
Our activities have focused on assisting administrators, support engineers, project leaders, parents, teachers, vendors and private users. We aim to keep them informed on all device activity, while delivering tools for optimal system management. This translates to monitoring, support, policy enforcement and screen control on single and multiple computing devices.

Radix expertise lies in complete remote management, both at the hardware and application level.

Contact us at?[email protected]


At Globisens, we?ve developed a solution that dramatically enhances science education in schools.
Globisens Labdisc solution is an easy-to-use, hand-held, mobile science laboratory. The only solution for K-12 school science with up to 15 wireless sensors built into a single compact device, revolutionizing science in terms of convenience, cost and portability.

With the Labdisc, advanced and engaging K-12 hands-on experimentation is easy in biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science.

In addition to the Labdisc and software, Globisens is offering a vast depository of curriculum material and experiment books. Contact us at?[email protected]?


We believe in personalized education. We believe that anyone can teach and learn anything if given the tools to do so in a way that addresses their specific needs, which is why we built TinyTap.

TinyTap is a social platform which lets anyone learn and have fun by making their own learning apps and games. TinyTap empowers Teachers and Students to create fun interactive lessons and activities in minutes around their community needs. Every month over 25K new activities are created and shared on the TinyTap Marketplace.

Winner of the 2014 Verizon Powerful Answers Award ? the most innovative solution in Education.

Contact us at [email protected]


Matific takes a unique approach to teaching K to 6 math lessons.? Based on a modular and progressive spiral learning system, Matific has over 1,000 interactive math activities that encourage children to internalize core concepts and develop a deep understanding of mathematics.

Matific was designed to provide optimal support for educators.? Real-time reporting provides instant assessment on overall class performances, as well individual students, allowing for differentiated instruction.? The program is curriculum driven and is mapped to textbooks, so integrating Matific into your classroom is seamless.

With Matific, educators can convey math concepts in the most effective and engaging manner.? Through hands on manipulation of virtual objects and guided self discovery, children are abel to explore math in a way that deepens cognitive understanding and boosts their sense of personal achievement.

Contact us at ?[email protected]

Time To Know

Time To Know partners with leading publishers and educators globally to bring to market the most advanced solutions to TEACH in any educational environment including digital classrooms (1:1 or 1:class), home or remote learning and many more.

Our proven track record of successful implementation of digital teaching and content creation has been praised by top educators worldwide as the leading educational platform to support effective learning as well as development of key 21st century skills in students.

Over the years Time To Know has grown into a global leader in the area of educational authoring platforms, and is?the first company to show proven results, on a national scale.

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SpeakingPal brings education to the mobile device by turning it into a personal tutor.

An advanced client server platform enables high-end English Language Learning solutions that focus on the highly needed Speaking skill.

The user simply talks and SpeakingPal provides immediate feedback on the user?s English speaking performance. An engaging learning experience is created by combining Automatic Speech Recognition technology with quality English Language Learning multimedia content designed specifically for mobile learning.

SpeakingPal is a leading solution in its segment, have won multiple awards and attracted partners like ETS, the global English Assessment leader. SpeakingPal?s solutions are being used by millions of users, from self learners to Ministries of Educations.

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