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EdTech China & Israel startup pitch event

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  • ???? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?- JMDedu- Sophie Yifan Chen
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The Chinese Education market - meetup

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  • ????? ?????? – ??? ????? ????? ??????????? ??? – ???? Sophie Yifan Chen, ??????? ?- JMDedu
  • ???? ????? ????????
    • Xiaole Guo, Investment supervisor of TAL , NYSE: XRS
    • Change Du, CEO at ?Langlib
    • Xiaofeng Ma, Chairman of the Board,??ATA, NASDAQ: ATAI
    • ???? ????? ?????? ????

Panel Members

Xiaofeng Ma

Xiaofeng Ma

Chairman of the Board

ATA Group provides testing and assessment services. Its subordinate company ATA INC. is listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ:ATAI). Leveraging on our state-of-the-art technologies and extensive experiences in test delivery and administrations, ATA has been providing professional testing and assessment services to government agencies, academic institutions, corporate clients and tens of millions of test candidates through a delivery network of approximately more than 2,000 test centers across the country.

Changxu Du

Changxu Du


Langlib.com aims to build the most professional plasorm for English study. With 8 years? experience, it has accumulated feedback from more than 100,000 users and improved its services. It developed assistant tools that is truly effective, practical and scientific. It also helps users to prepare exams such as IELTS, SAT, GRE, etc.. Students can find online courses, make study plans, and communicate with other students and teachers at Langlib.com.

Xiaole Guo

Xiaole Guo

Investment Supervisor

TAL Education Group (NYSE:XRS) is a leading K-12 education company in China, providing extracurricular training mainly for primary and secondary students. The acronym ?TAL? stands for ?Tomorrow Advancing Life,? reflecting an ambition to provide top learning opportunities for students with high-quality content as well as application of technology in the education experience.

Sophie Yifan Chen

Sophie Yifan Chen


MDedu is one of the most influential and leading sites of China?s education/EdTech industry. We observe the dynamic development of the ed-tech industry, discover inspiring companies and products, interpret policy change and market trends. At the same time, we run an ed-tech community with our high quality activities, events, and summits that gathered EdTech entrepreneurs, investors, practitioners and influencers.

70.6% of edtech entrepreneurs in China are in our network and 92% of ed-tech investors see us as a reliable source for insights.

Pitching Startups from China:


Duobei, founded in 2011, provides open courses and works as an online communication platorm. The online classroom (Duobei.com) is capable of thousands of teachers and students online. In the website, students can also get teachers and courses they like or upload their own video courses. And the services are totally free.

Chaoyan Geek Education Technology

Chaoyan Geek education technology company is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on the teenagers? science education. The core members of this company have an experience of more than 10 years in the industry of mobile Internet and education. It wants to help teenagers to improve science, technology, engineering, programming ability through their products such as robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and DNA. It provides an online teaching plasorm and related products and services. Its summer camp and winter camp programs have a good reputation in China.

babycan is a start-up focusing on preschool education, attaching great importance to parents? spending time with their children. babycan provides content for children from 0-6 and guides the parents with creative parent-child games, including more than 1000 cartoons for games to play in different situations as well as for specific educational purposes. Parents can easily find games for specific age groups of kids, and can easily play the games with the cartoons show. Parents can also showcase their outcome and share with other parents.

LY education

Shanghai LangYing Education & Technology, focusing on Online Education Service and Auto- Assessment Evaluation, delivers engaging, adaptive and personalized English learning solutions that improve performance and results. We combine proven, research-based content with the best emerging digital technologies to guide assessment, teaching and learning to achieve the best possible outcome for students, instructors and institutions. As one of the key star products, ti7English learning- teaching plasorm has been accepted by education departments and applied in daily English teaching in public schools in Shanghai and other cities and provinces.

AUIA International Summer School

AUIA International Summer School was founded in 2011, partnering with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Every summer AUIA invites professors from prestigious universities such as Yale and Princeton, to teach summer courses in China. Our main customers are Chinese students in US. The program offers more than 20 introductory level college courses such as Intro to Psychology and Intro to Microeconomics. AUIA serves more than 400 students every year and its credits are accepted in more than 100 American Universities.


Kuailexue is a modern online education company and the first to provide English test items bank for middle school students. The founders of Kuailexue exited from different companies with rich experiences. Students can focus on the most important parts of the university entrance examination, find out their weak points, and do exercises on those specific problems. Teachers can also take advantage of the high-quality test items bank to easily form a test paper.

Pitching Startups from Israel:

Liberated Dimensions

Liberated Dimensions offers education publishers a complete business solution to create INTERACTIVE 3D content ? made for non technical users. It is an interactive 3D rapid editing software for eLearning and eTextbooks specifically ? technological on one hand and scalable on the other, for mass market.


NetoKids is a friendly social learning platformfor elementary schools.

NetoKids aims to create an exciting, friendly, empowering learning experience by using social and gamification tools.

To-Be Education

To-Be is the only company that offers teachers, publishers and students (that do not have to be technically savvy) a platform that will transform their content into an exciting role-playing game.

Games can then be uploaded to the to-be market, and made available to everyone


Worldwide about 100,000,000 lecture hours are given live annually and almost none recorded – even though students seek out recorded lectures. Recorded lectures help students learn and teachers teach. Lectures aren?t recorded because existing lecture capture systems are expensive, complex, and require an IT department.

LectureMonkey is an easy to use student and teacher self-service collaborative solution, which leverages student?s mobiles to record any lecture anywhere, and turn any classroom into a collaborative, active classroom.


Makeree enables anyone, to learn creative skills such as: arts, crafting, cooking or robotics, anytime, anywhere! We offer a user-friendly structured curriculum, feedback from experts and classmates, and supply all the materials users need directly to their home.

We are changing the way people learn to create, and for the first time ever allowing it to be done in an accessible and affordable way.


Effective Education

Effective Education has developed the PortaLabb, a Totally Portable, Hands-on, Inquiry-based Science Lab used in many situations: Regular schools; Remote Villages; Teacher Training; After-school Enrichment Programs; Special Education. The Integrated Learning System includes: Innovative LabLess Lab Kits; Digital Curriculum; Animations; Simulations; Inline Testing; Educational Games; Social Media. Uses traditional, Aligned content. The delivery method is different: Fun to Learn & Easy to Teach.


Sense makes personalized education scalable. It is the first scalable solution for evaluating open-ended assignments and providing students with personalized feedback at a fraction of the time and cost.

Hybrid-artificial-intelligence technology, which combines what only machines are good at with what only humans are good at. Sense has already secured pilots with top US universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale and others, as well as MOOCs, such as EdX and Udacity.


Mobile Education Platform / Classroom Management Solution Saas End to End Engaging Experience Real-time Learning Space Digital Curriculum converted to Adaptive Learning Computerized Assessment Tracking Achievements (Bigdata) Social Connectivity

Active in Brazil, India Full Chinese version with Text to Speech