By any measure, this year?s Israel EdTech Summit was a huge success. We drew more than 730?attendees from at least 16 countries ? but, more importantly, we started a new level of discussions on topics with far-reaching impact.

One of those topics is education cybersecurity, or ?cyberEDU.? The issue of data protection is nothing new, of course. In healthcare, financial services, banking, and the like, cybersecurity is often the first consideration. In education, however, it appears to be one of the last considerations. As more student data migrates to digital, the importance of protecting that information has become paramount. With recognized global expertise in this area, no country is better positioned to provide cyberEDU solutions than Israel.

Israel?s scientists and researchers, particularly those from Tel Aviv University, showed us breakthrough work being done to understand the science of learning. When coupled with innovative education technology, these areas of discovery are producing highly effective approaches to learning.

Investors and innovators joined us from all over the world. Summit attendees from China, India, Japan, and across Asia ? for example ? were visible, engaged, and excited about future possibilities. They recognize that Israel ? its companies, investors, educators, and scientists ? is a unique and valuable partner in their quest for education excellence.

We at EdTech Israel are grateful to all our attendees, panelists, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and everyone else that made this year?s Summit such a success. We are also thankful to our cohost in this effort, East Wind Advisors, for its leadership.

Inquiries about next year?s Israel EdTech Summit have already begun rolling in. While this year?s Summit may look like a tough act to follow, I?m fully confident that new topics will emerge, current issues will take shape, innovations will come to market, and partnerships will develop that will make our 2018 Summit as unique and valuable as this year?s.

Keep an eye out for information on next year?s Israel EdTech Summit.

One thing is clear, Israel?s status as an EdTech innovator, accelerator, and test bed is without peer, and the global Education ecosystem has taken notice. The world?s students, from preK to lifelong learners and everything in between, will benefit greatly in the years ahead, and Israel ? led by EdTech Israel ? will be on the forefront of creating beneficial change.