What a busy Day One of the Israel EdTech Summit! Thanks to everyone that participated, the speakers, the companies ? thank for already making this year?s Summit one for the record books. With Day 2 just over the horizon, I want to share a few thoughts about today.

This morning, as I was stopped at a traffic light, three more Summit registrations came in. As more people heard about these two days, they wanted to join the discussion and our attendance kept climbing. All day, the energy was palpable. The mood was electric. Connections were being made. Innovation was in the air.

Israel is truly unique when it comes to EdTech; both education and innovation are part of our culture. This is a country with a global view ? the EdTech being pioneered here is not for this small market, it?s for a worldwide market.

With over 700 people from more than 15?countries at the Summit, it?s clear that Israel?s EdTech innovation is of global interest ? and global impact.

It?s the impact that matters, after all, and Israel is on the forefront of EdTech that enhances learning in meaningful and measurable ways. From learning a language to learning to code, the innovations and research that we saw today are addressing what Saul Singer called ?the great imbalance? in education.

As we heard today, EdTech investment can enable you to do well by doing good ? and investors (like educators) want to see results. Startup Nation produces results every day. The creative and innovative education technology that we saw today is creating change all over the world.

Day Two promises to be even more exciting that today. The speakers will bring some industry firsts, further illustrating the forward nature of this Summit. I encourage you to keep those discussions going ? and join the discussion on line with #IES17.

See you tomorrow!