The head of EdTech Asia is coming to the Israel EdTech Forum! Recognizing that Israel serves as a bridge between east and west, EdTech Asia has made a commitment to strengthening the bonds between Israel and all the ASEAN countries.

The upcoming Israel EdTech Summit will have delegations from 14 countries across the globe. This year, however, marks a first ? a leader from Vietnam?s EdTech industry will see Israeli EdTech innovation firsthand, and the startups that are changing the face of global education.

EdTech Israel has been working hard to build bridges between Israel and Vietnam ? a country with a growing economy, and a government commitment to investing in education. In July, EdTech Israel, in collaboration with EdTech Asia, will lead a delegation to the EdTech Asia Summit in Ho Chi Minh City, in the heart of the ASEAN community. This will be a visible example of the relationship quickly developing between Israel and Vietnam.