We are very excited to announce the official partnership between Edtech Israel and HolonIQ. Distance has never been a limiting factor for Edtech Israel, and in fact, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed globally. HolonIQ was founded by the team that ?set out to map the emerging landscape of education innovation and technology? and shared Project Landscape. On its third iteration, Project Landscape mapped ?26 clusters of innovation across 15,000 companies in the next generation learning lifecycle and $50 billion of investment around the world.?

Through researching 15,000 Edtech startups and companies, the team at HolonIQ was able to categorize the field of Edtech into 8 categories. Some of these categories are quite obvious as they deal with the K-12 education system, however, some are not as obvious. The categories which Project Landscape has defined as Edtech which are not as clear interests us at Edtech Israel as we believe that the Edtech landscape in Israel must be broadened. There is a clear focus and limitation as to what Israel is doing in the Edtech field, and although it is making strides, it has been limited by the Israeli?s perception of what Edtech can actually be, i.e. something outside of the K-12 sector.

HolonIQ and Edtech Israel will pioneer in creating the first partnership to accelerate the development of the Israeli EdTech ecosystem. Edtech Israel connected with HolonIQ to become their local partners in creating a database of the Edtech sector here in Israel. This partnership is mutually beneficial as it will create a dedicated space for Israel Edtech companies to be more easily discovered while allowing us to benchmark Israeli EdTech against the world as HolonIQ builds our global coverage. In doing so, Israeli Edtech companies have an advantage over other similar sized countries as we will be the first companies seen on the HolonIQ database.?

We are looking forward to our growing relationship with HolonIQ and hosting them at this year?s IES 2018. For more information about Project Landscape, HolonIQ or questions regarding IES, please feel free to connect with Dr. Dayan.