At the upcoming Israel EdTech Summit, Prof. Yaron Oz, Rector, Tel Aviv University and Udi Miron, President, Ananey Communications, will have a candid ?fireside chat? about lessons that the Education industry can learn from Hollywood.

Ananey Communications is Israel?s largest cable company, and part of Viacom?s vast global reach. Tel Aviv University is a leader in EdTech innovation. Together, these experts will explore overlapping lessons and learnings that entertainment has for education.

From consumer outreach to scalability to business models, Entertainment?s earlier shift to digital provides latecomer Education with a host of lessons. Education cannot afford the missteps, corporate infighting, or conflicting standards that plagued Entertainment?s earlier shift to digital ? and still impacts the industry today.

Yaron Oz and Udi Miron will have an open and unscripted discussion that promises to touch on issues that other EdTech panels may have been reluctant to address.