National EdTech hubs collaborate to expand knowhow, ?inspire innovation and facilitate cross-cultural business initiatives.

Tel-Aviv, Israel & Beijing, China, 4-Jan-2016

JMDedu, China had partnered with EdTech Israel to create a bridge for EdTech business collaboration between the countries. ?We see an immense growth of EdTech Initiatives in China,? said Chujiu Mei, founder of JMDedu. ?We estimate over US$1.76 billion were invested in Chinese EdTech startups in 2015, and the market demand for innovative education solutions is growing rapidly. We constantly look for innovative and promising products around the world, and found that Israel has a lot to offer in this field.?
?EdTech became a global phenomenon that disrupts national education ecosystems, and China and Israel are no exception,? said Dr. Jacob Dayan, founder of EdTech Israel. ?This opens up the opportunity to collaborate amongst nations. JMDedu in China connects over 90% of EdTech investors and entrepreneurs, and we have similar coverage among Israeli EdTech startups. It is our challenge – and opportunity – to bridge them together.?
The agreement calls for bilateral delegations and exchange of know-how and ideas. ?Our delegation recently visited Israel to learn about the local EdTech ecosystem,? said Sophie Yifan Chen, Partner at JMDedu. ?We were impressed by the startup-nation mentality and innovation. Yet, we acknowledge that there is a culture gap, and we know that it takes patience, cultural understanding and business creativity to make the relationship happen.?
The agreement opens up the opportunity of Chinese investments in Israeli EdTech companies, channel development and joint R&D projects.