This year?s Israel EdTech Summit will showcase a record number of Israeli companies, technologies, and innovations. Dozens of EdTech companies ? among the best Israel has to offer ? will be featured with exhibits and presentations that address some of Education?s greatest challenges and opportunities.

The EdTech Startup Challenge will bring Israel?s newest companies and ideas to the surface, in some cases providing a glimpse of what tomorrow holds for EdTech innovation. Three startups will be selected for this coveted recognition.

Four?companies will be uniquely visible at the Summit’s program?in?Company Spotlight sessions.?

CodeMonkey ? teaching kids to code has become one of the core issues in STEM. CodeMonkey uses game-based activity to teach this vital skill. Students use technology to learn Real World Programming Language, with a formula that is simple and direct: ?Write code. Catch bananas. Save the world.?

Minerva – students experience the world, while learning the skills needed to change it. Through four years of rigorous, interdisciplinary study, Minerva prepares students for a dynamic, global future. Based on decades of research into how people learn best, Minerva?s pedagogic approach stimulates deeper cognition, greater conceptual understanding, and the development of critical skills that will serve its students for the rest of their lives.

eTeacher Group – serving more than 15,000 students, eTeacher Group creates and operates leading virtual schools and specializes in large scale operation of online teacher-led classes. Working with leading professionals every step of the way, from recruiting teachers and developing content, to marketing, sales, and operations ? the success of virtual schools and their students is a key element of distributed 21st century learning.

LightSail Education ? turns students into readers. LightSail accelerates literacy development and a love of reading by engaging students in a proven curriculum. Assessments and motivators are built into the program, providing growth data every step of the way that enables teachers to target instruction where it is most needed.