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EdTech Israel is the national business hub that successfully connects the Israeli Education business sector with international entrepreneurs, investors, and business partners.

We focus solely on the transforming education business sector, and by adopting a nationwide, unbiased approach we contribute to the establishment and success of Israeli initiatives. We engage in market research, international business development, community meetups, conferences, lobbying activities, fund raising and investment opportunities.

We collaborate with other national EdTech hubs and international partners in expanding knowhow, expanding relationships, and building business bridges in education innovation all around the world.

Dr. Jacob (Yaki) Dayan

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jacob (Yaki) Dayan is a recognized EdTech expert and the founder of EdTech Israel. His career blends international business development, academic research, educational leadership and community entrepreneurship.

Founder and CEO of EdTech Israel (established Sep 2014). Founder and CEO of the Israeli EdTech Summit.?

Yaki holds a BSc in Electronics Engineering from the well-renowned Technion in Haifa. Yaki has also been engaged in informal education since 2002, primarily as a volunteer at the Israeli Scouts youth movement.?After a long hi-tech career, attracted by the challenges in 21st century education, he chose to make the transition to education, and pursued a PhD in Educational Technology from the University of Haifa.

Yaki is passionate about leveraging the synergy between technology and education to create a global change in education.

Lior Shalev

Founding Board Member

Lior Shalev is one of Israel?s most passionate voices for transforming society through the combination of tech and social entrepreneurship.
He is the founder and CEO of Infogan, a social ed-tech startup that links parents and preschools.
Lior has more than 10 year track record of seeding and enabling social impact organizations in all sectors of Israeli society, starting with his founding role in Topaz, one of Israels biggest NGO?s in the social entrepenurship field.

Lior is a board member of UNICEF-Israel and several other NGO?s focused on transforming society through social entrepreneurship. He is an active lecturer speaker of social entrepreneurship, giving recent talks at DLD TLV and the General Assembly of United Jewish Federations. Lior is a voice that is helping to turn the ?startup nation? into the ?give back? nation.

Gal Inbar

Industry 4.0 Expert, Business Advisor

Gal held several CXO positions in the past 20 years, and was in charge of managing businesses, marketing, financials, operations, and business development.?

Gal has identified the ever increasing “dirty, dull, and dangerous labor” shortage on Israeli production floors.?Through iCobots, Gal is introducing to the Israeli market, innovative training and deployment of next generation Industry 4.0 in general and collaborative robotics specifically.

Gal is speaking and sharing “hands on” insights in training tomorrow’s industrial employees, with tomorrow’s technologies in academic and professional forums internationally and in Israel.

Yaron Shafrir

Market Expert - China

Mr. Shafrir is an expert in channel and business development in China, primarily within the communication industry, Internet, software and the electronics industries and has gained extensive experience in executive management of high-tech companies in China over the last nineteen years.

Yaron?is focusing on EdTech channel and business development on HK and China.?