The second Israel EdTech Summit starts June 4 in Tel Aviv! This year?s Summit promises to be the largest, most global, most innovative, and most provocative EdTech event Israel has ever seen.

For centuries, Israel has served as the crossroads for global commerce. In today?s digital age ? particularly in EdTech, where innovation is serving a need around the world ? Israel again emerges as the meeting point of east meets west.

Representatives?are coming to Israel from across the globe: China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Australia, Africa, as well as Europe and the US. Investors from the world?s financial capitals will discuss opportunities and possible pitfalls, as the EdTech industry continues to attract billions of dollars (and Euros, RMB, Yen). The Summit will showcase the unparalleled strength that Startup Nation has in EdTech.

The global EdTech industry will hear from experts in AdTech and the Entertainment industry, as Seth Haberman and Udi Miron bring their expertise and ideas to the world of education technology. Other experts speaking at the Summit include Yossi Vardi, Jonathan Medved, John Katzman, Saul Singer, and many, many others.

The Israel EdTech Summit addresses issues on Education?s cutting edge. In a first, Roni Zahavi, CEO of CyberSpark, will discuss CyberEDU ? a growing area of increasing importance, as more student data is collected and mined, with Big Data producing breakthrough insights. CyberEDU promises to be an area of intense focus, both operationally and from a policy perspective in the years ahead. As online retail, entertainment, financial, and other areas face massive cybersecurity failures, schools must learn how to secure their student data.

In another first, Wall Street Journal reporter Rory Jones will moderate a first-of-its-kind panel that explores the human capital required for Israel?s technological prowess, and the successful approaches the IDF is taking to close the gap. These breakthrough education programs are sure to be replicated in other countries, as they face a talent gap.

I invite you to listen to my interview with our partner, EdTech Times, and to join us at the Summit. We are launching this blog and will be using #IES17 for all social media. We?ll be using multiple languages; so don?t feel compelled to write only in English or Hebrew. I hope you join these discussions, even if you can?t join us in Tel Aviv!